MooringSense stages


The project MooringSense aims at reducing operational costs and increasing efficiency through the development of an efficient risk-based integrity management strategy for mooring systems based on an affordable and reliable on-line monitoring technology. The proposed solution will be enabled by the development of a low-cost smart sensor for FOWT motion monitoring, a Mooring System Digital Twin (DT) model, Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) techniques, as well as control strategies for mooring condition management tolerance at turbine and farm levels.

The monitoring technology proposed will replace the existing unreliable and expensive monitoring systems based on load cells in the mooring lines by a combination of a robust motion sensor and numerical models. In addition, measurements will enable the development of more efficient operation and maintenance strategies, including optimized control.

MooringSense’s consortium strength covers the full value chain, with a proven track record in the Offshore Wind and Oil and Gas Industries, and supported by experienced research institutions, the project will start from current partner’s technology to develop an innovative cost-efficient mooring integrity management enabled by Global Navigation Satellite System technology, coupled numerical modelling, control engineering and machine learning, with both increased efficiency of the overall resulting system as well as reduced operational expenditures, when compared with known incumbent alternatives

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Image module


  • MS1
    Kick off
    Due date: November 2019
  • MS2
    MooringSense Architecture
    Due date: October 2020
  • MS3
    MooringSense Specification
    Due date: November 2020
  • MS4
    Validated Numerical Models
    Due date: September 2021
  • MS5
    Tank Testing Data
    Due date: September 2021
  • MS6
    Validated SHM system prototype
    Due date: November 2021
  • MS7
    Integrity Management Strategy
    Due date: November 2021
  • MS8
    Validated Smart Sensor Prototype
    Due date: December 2021
  • MS9
    Decision Support Tool
    Due date: April 2022
  • MS10
    Integrated Tool Description
    Due date: May 2022
  • MS11
    Validated Test Execution Result
    Due date: September 2022