MooringSense The proposed solution will be enabled by the development of Digital Twin technologies, a low-cost and reliable smart sensor solution for floating platforms’ motion monitoring, Structural Health Monitoring algorithms, as well as holistic control strategies to allow optimal operation European Research and Innovation Project to reduce the floating offshore wind operating costs by up to 15% MooringSense The proposed solution will be enabled by the development of a low-cost smart sensor for FOWT motion monitoring, a Mooring System Digital Twin (DT) model, Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) techniques, as well as control strategies for mooring condition management tolerance at turbine and farm levels. View more info New approach to managing
the integrity of mooring systems
MooringSense View more info MooringSense will contribute towards reshaping the massive renewable energy potential of the deeper waters, through enabling the transformation of unexpected interventions into scheduled preventive actions, in order to achieve substantial maintenance costs reductions and increased availability Shift from unscheduled to
preventive maintenance
and predictive operation



MooringSense aims at reducing FOW operational costs by 10-15% and increasing operational efficiency by means of an increase of Annual Energy Production by 2-3%, through the development of more efficient strategies and tools for mooring system integrity management and control.



MooringSense will take advantage of mooring systems’ updated condition information, provided by a Digital Twin (DT) and innovative monitoring technologies, to allow the implementation risk-based integrity management plans and more holistic control strategies to reduce OPEX and increase energy production of FOW farms.

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The project MooringSense aims at reducing operational costs and increasing efficiency through the development of an efficient risk-based integrity management strategy for mooring systems based on an affordable and reliable on-line monitoring technology.

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The consortium comprises 9 partners from Europe’s key OW industry and academia, including worldwide market leaders in chains (VIC), wires and ropes (BRI), both producing hybrid solutions for the mooring lines.

They will collaborate to improve the understanding of mooring lines loading and performance, including a degradation mechanism.

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GNSS-sensors and algorithms for marine applications.
Materials degradation for Offshore applications…
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Bekaert Wire Rope Industry is the worldwide market leader in wires and ropes for mooring systems.
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Control systems and Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) systems.
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Intecsea is an engineering company with a vast track record in O&G and FOW sectors providing support in O&M applied to offshore assets.
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Saitec Offshore Technologies is a Floating wind turbine platform developer. Its role in the MooringSense project is to provide…
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Coupled Models development and Ocean Basin testing for O&G and FOW.
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Control systems, O&M planning and cost models.
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Vicinay Marine Innovacion is the Engineering and RDi Company of Vicinay Marine, a worldclass supplier of mooring chains, forged connectors and subsea solutions
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Development of smart sensor for marine applications

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MooringSense presentation

Project presentation including technical challenges and expected impact.


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Available in September 2021

Progress update with first results.

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Available in August 2022

Presentation of the main  solutions integrated and validates.

The European MooringSense project reaches its halfway point successfully

The European MooringSense project has successfully reached its halfway point. The consortium is moving ahead with determination in implementing the established work plan and meeting the planned milestones. In view

MooringSense publishes two deliverables related to the integrity management of mooring systems

The MooringSense project has updated the state-of-the-art technologies, techniques and tools related to the management of mooring systems applied in the Oil&Gas industry. This review, carried out from the perspective

MooringSense successfully defines the architecture of its digital twin

The European MooringSense project, which aims to reduce the costs associated with floating offshore wind energy production by 10-15%, has taken a step forward in defining a more efficient management


Autonomous Robotics and Unmanned System are redefining the offshore infrastructure working environment with health and safety improvements during inspection and maintenance of wind turbines thanks to reduced human intervention in

European innovation project to reduce the offshore wind turbines operating costs of by up to 15%
3 days ago
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Fugro has introduced a new system that monitors mooring line fatigue on floating wind turbines, designed in a consortium between Fugro, AS Mosley and the University of Strathclyde.

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1 week ago
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Hitachi ABB Power Grids has launched a portfolio of transformer products for offshore floating applications that aims to enable greater volumes of wind to be harvested and integrated into the global energy system.
2 weeks ago
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According to the EU Blue Economy Report 2021, floating offshore wind could take a 14% share of the total offshore wind market in Europe, contributing around 3% of Europe’s total power supply by 2050.

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2 weeks ago
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The US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), IFP Energies Nouvelles, and Gavin and Doherty Geosolutions (GDG) have joined forces on an International Energy Agency (IEA) Task to advance floating wind.
3 weeks ago
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GE is working to couple the design of an existing 12MW turbine and platform with automated controls to improve how the turbine responds to wind and waves.

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1 month ago
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Hexicon will develop a demonstrator project for floating wind power at Metcentre's deepwater area off of Norway’s coast.

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Grant agreement ID: 851703
Start date: 1 November 2019
End date:  31 October 2022
Funded under: H2020-EU.3.3.2.
Overall budget: € 4 197 620
EU contribution: € 4 197 620