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ZUNIBAL is a Spanish SME that develops electronic services and products based on unique investigation and designs for their application in the marine sector for twenty years, developing personalised and adapted technological solutions. The main areas of interest are the following:

  • Marine Renewable Energy
  • Oceanography
  • GNSS sensors.


The know-how of ZUNIBAL in electronic design and communications systems as well as design and development of enclosures for marine environment will be very relevant in the scope of the MooringSense project.



Development of smart sensor for marine applications.


Zunibal has different facilities such as laboratory area and manufacturing area in order to be able to test and modify the prototypes developed inside the project.

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Contribution: Smart motion sensor HW/SW design

Zunibal will lead T4.2 where the Smart Sensor will be developed. Consequently, Zunibal will be in charge of the HW and SW implementation of the Smart Sensor prototype.

Development of smart sensor for marine applications