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SINTEF is the largest independent research organization in Scandinavia and applies research to produce new knowledge and innovative solutions in technology, medicine, natural and social sciences. The SINTEF Group performs contract R&D for industry and the public sector, aiming to fulfil the vision of “technology for a better society”.


SINTEF Ocean AS is a separate company within the SINTEF Group. SINTEF Ocean operates some of the worlds’ most advanced marine technology laboratories and perform research and innovation within marine technology sector. SINTEF Ocean has about 340 employees.


The main areas of interest of SINTEF Ocean are the following:

  • New ocean industries
  • Oil and gas
  • Maritime
  • Aquaculture
  • Environmental technology
  • Fisheries
  • Fish processing
  • Biomarine resources.


SINTEF Ocean is part of the SINTEF Group. It is a non-profit research institute. Mainly two departments will be involved in the project: the Department of Ships and Ocean structures and the Energy and Transport Department.



Coupled Models development and Ocean Basin testing for O&G and FOW.



Sintef Ocean will put at the disposal of the project its Ocean Basin Laboratory with main dimensions of 80 x 50 x 10 m

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. The floor is adjustable from 0 to 8.7 m above the concrete floor of the basin. Model tests in the Ocean Basin will provide data to validate MooringSense concepts.

Additionally, professional software developed in-house (SIMA/SIMO/RIFLEX) will be used to implement the intended numerical models.

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Contribution: High Fidelity numerical models and tank testing

  • In the scope of the MooringSense project, SINTEF Ocean will have responsibility for WP3, which aims at developing and validating a digital twin for the floating wind turbine mooring system.
  • The digital twin is focused on the mooring system structural integrity. Numerical models will be implemented and tested using professional software developed in-house (SIMA/SIMO/RIFLEX), while model tests in the Ocean Basin will provide data to test and validate the MooringSense project concepts.
  • SINTEF Ocean will also participate in the development of the Structural Health Monitoring System (WP5) and integration and validation of the project concept (WP7).

Coupled Models development and Ocean Basin testing for O&G and FOW.