MooringSense, the European Project led by CTC, spurs interest at the ENERMAR Technical Seminars

MooringSense has caught the attention and interest of the audience attending the 11th Edition ENERMAR Technical Seminars. This event was held at the Niemeyer Centre in Avilés and conveyed the

MooringSense drives the organisation of an international workshop on offshore wind energy

MooringSense was one of the initiatives that led to EERA JP WIND organising the workshop called “Ongoing research in offshore wind structure” as a bonus to its Annual Event. Along

The MooringSense project attracts the attention of the floating wind subcommittee of the World Forum Offshore Wind

MooringSense has attracted the attention of the Floating Offshore Wind Mooring Subcommittee, a body focused on floating offshore wind that makes up the international association World Forum Offshore Wind (WFO).

MooringSense project arouses interest at the OMAE international congress

MooringSense project has attracted particular interest during the 40th edition of the International Conference on Ocean, Offshore & Arctic Engineering (OMAE), the most eminent technical-scientific congress worldwide on Offshore technology

MooringSense successfully advances the development of technologies to improve predictive maintenance of mooring systems

The European MooringSense project is successfully advancing in developing technologies that will enable designing an efficient strategy for managing the structural integrity of mooring systems. The international research, which aims

The European MooringSense project reaches its halfway point successfully

The European MooringSense project has successfully reached its halfway point. The consortium is moving ahead with determination in implementing the established work plan and meeting the planned milestones. In view

MooringSense publishes two deliverables related to the integrity management of mooring systems

The MooringSense project has updated the state-of-the-art technologies, techniques and tools related to the management of mooring systems applied in the Oil&Gas industry. This review, carried out from the perspective

MooringSense successfully defines the architecture of its digital twin

The European MooringSense project, which aims to reduce the costs associated with floating offshore wind energy production by 10-15%, has taken a step forward in defining a more efficient management

MooringSense lays the foundation for a model to manage the structural integrity of FOW turbine mooring systems

The first progress meeting confirmed the smooth development of the project, which aims to reduce the maintenance cost of floating wind turbines by up to 15 %

The World’s Largest Floating Wind Farm Is Already Hard at Work

Unlike most offshore wind farm projects, this one floats. By Courtney Linder WindFloat Atlantic is the world’s largest offshore wind turbine on a floating platform. The first of these wind farm units was

Digital Twins Mature in the North Sea

As the offshore oil and gas industry strives to improve the reliability and economics of major projects, seasoned operators are increasingly turning to digital twins to optimize the lifecycle of their assets.

TechnipFMC teams with DNV GL on digital twins

TechnipFMC and DNV GL are collaborating to develop a methodology for qualifying the integrity of digital twin technology.

CTC leads a European innovation project to reduce the offshore wind turbines operating costs of by up to 15%

MooringSense has an implementation time of 36 months and a budget in excess of four million euros. The project will lead to a more efficient integrity anchoring systems management strategy,